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Driving School Course for Foreigners

Foreigners may complete driving course in the Czech Republic also in any foreign language. Foreigners use a Driving course in English, Driving course in Russian and Driving course in German the most. Tests for obtaining a driving license in the Czech Republic are then passed with the presence of an official interpreter. Obtained driving license is an international document (the so called "European driving license"), and it is valid in Member States, in EEA and it is recognized in numerous other countries that signed Vienna and Geneva Conventions on Road Traffic, such as Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and majority of states of the former Soviet Union and former Yugoslavia. That is advantageous mainly for foreigners, who stay in the Czech Republic for only limited period of time (for instance foreign students) – driving license remains valid in all Member States and EAA and need not to be exchanged.

Conditions under which a foreigner can complete a driving course and obtain a driving license in the Czech Republic:

Following your registration in a driving school you must meet these statutory conditions:

  • to file a written application
  • to meet condition of age for the given driving license group (you may not start sooner than 18 months before reaching the age limit)
  • to undergo a medical check
  • to have permanent or temporary residence in the Czech Republic
  • you must not serve a sentence of prohibition to drive motor vehicles imposed by a court or administrative authority

When a foreigner can register in a driving school and obtain a driving license?

A foreigner may register in a driving school course immediately after he/she obtains a permanent/temporary residence permit in the territory of the Czech Republic. Final examinations may be passed immediately after completion of the driving school course. A foreigner with permanent residency permit will obtain a driving license immediately while a foreigner with temporary residency permit only after he/she spends at least 185 days in the Czech Republic.

What documents will a foreigner have to submit upon registration to a driving school to document his/her stay in the Czech Republic?

A foreigner with permanent residency permit: document on permanent residence

Foreigner from the EU or EEA: document on temporary residence issued by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.

Foreigners from countries other than EU and EEA: visa confirming temporary residence in the Czech Republic

Diplomats and technical personnel of embassies: diplomatic ID card or similar document issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

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